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Rides in the Strat Hotel
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Big Shot (ride)

Big Shot is a pneumatically powered tower ride, featuring a rapid ascent from an elevation of 921 ft (281 m) to 1,081 ft (329 m). The ride accelerates to 45 miles per hour (72 km/h).  The ride up generates 4Gs during the rapid ascent.

SkyJump Las Vegas

SkyJump Las Vegas is a controlled decelerator descent. Riders of SkyJump Las Vegas are given a short safety lesson and suited up in a Stratosphere custom “jump suit.” The rider is then connected to a patented highspeed “descender” machine and led to the edge of a small platform where they will leap out and descend the Stratosphere Tower. The effect is similar to bungee jumping. Guide wires keep riders from straying off course. Just prior to reaching the rapidly approaching ground, the machine slows the rider down, bringing them to a controlled landing.


X-Scream comprises 68 ft (21 m)straight piece of track similar to that of a conventional roller coaster, which carries a single open top car. This trackway pivots vertically in a see-saw motion, letting the car roll backward and forward along the length. The ride car is allowed to roll quickly forward to the end of the track, 27 feet (8.2 m) past the edge of the building, before braking sharply. The rolling back and forth of the car and the rocking of the track is programmed to take the rider by surprise and feel like they are at risk of falling from the precipice of the building.


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